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12 Must-have Garden Tools for Every Gardener in 2022

If you are a garden aficionado, you are able to understand how much care it needs to grow a plant from a seed. From digging to planting & from tending to harvesting, you put a lot of effort, time, energy & money. But you can cut your working time spent in the garden in half with the innovative garden tools. So, as you can understand the more innovative products you are able to use in your garden, the more time you will save to spend with your family.

Not to mention, there are thousands of garden tools available in the market & if you’re a non-professional in gardening, choosing the right set of garden tools is really a cumbersome job. But don’t worry! we will help you choose the right set of garden tools for your dream garden.

So, let us look at some must-have garden tools for the gardeners:

1.     Garden Genie Gloves: When you don’t want to mess with separate tools for digging, planting & weeding, let your garden genie gloves be your tool. Its ergonomic design protects your hands from cuts, blisters, wet mud & works as a garden towel or hand rakes as well. So, wear your garden genie gloves today & give your hands a super digging power!

2.     Garden Pruning ShearDead & drying branches always become a threat to your garden. It attracts pests & harbors diseases which lead to ruin the beauty of your dream garden. So, to keep your garden healthy & looking its best, you should cut dead, diseased, or damaged branches from your plant with the help of garden pruning shears.

Garden Shovel

3.     Garden Hand Weeder: There is no doubt that weeds are the enemies of your garden. They compete for food, water, energy with other helpful plants & prevent the normal growing up of the plants. A wooden handle garden hand weeder makes it easy to get weeds on the first try & keep your dream garden healthy.

4.     WheelbarrowWheelbarrow is one of the essential garden tools for the gardener. Whether you carry soil, compost, seeds & tools around the yard, a wheelbarrow will help you carry the heavy load. So, to take care of your dream garden, a wheelbarrow is your must-have garden tool.

Garden Wheelbarrow

5.     Leaf Rake: Leaves from red maple trees really look pretty while lying on the grass. Sometimes, the beauty of the fallen leaves persuades you not to rake the leaves from the yard.  But leaving these fallen leaves for a long while on the ground may damage your lawn thatch & it harbor diseases that affect trees and plantings. So, raking leaves is important for the health of your yard.

6.     Digging Shovel: It goes without saying that digging holes for planting is tiresome work. But with the right garden shovel, you can easily dig up & toss heavy loads of soil. Based on your work, there are longer or shorter handles of shovels. Longer handle shovels are better suited for digging deep holes while shorter handle shovels are better suited to precise tasks.

7.     Manual Reel Mower: If you really care about environmental safety, a manual reel mower is the right garden tool for you. Because it is an environment-friendly garden tool that doesn’t require oil, gas, rechargeable battery, or any other repairing cost. You push the mower; it cuts grass & it stops when you do.

8.     Garden Hose & Sprayer: Nothing is more convenient than a hose for watering the garden. Its lightweight & flexibility allows you to move around the garden without any hassle. On top of all, its adjustable nozzle helps you spray on different-sized plants without having to bend over.  

Garden Hose

9.     Watering Can: If you are suffering from waist pain, a watering can is the best solution for you. It enables you to water plants without having to bend your back. Besides, for small plants & small spaces where a garden hose is unnecessary, watering can become your best friend.

10.  Soil Moisture Sensor: Do you want to know what elements your plants are actually looking into the soil to grow big? With this simple soil moisture sensor, you can accurately measure water, sun, pH value & take action accordingly to maintain healthy garden soil. To see the result, push the two steel probes into the ground & easy read meter device will show you whether it’s time to water, whether the plant is getting enough sun, or if the soil is acidic or not.

11.  Garden Boots: Walking in a garden barefoot is really enjoyable until you have a serious injury to your foot. There are sharp stones or sticks, debris, spiders & pests in your yard which may cause serious harm to your foot. So, to protect your foot from such injury experts always suggest using slip-proof & waterproof garden boots while working in a garden.

Garden Boot

12.  Gardening Knee Pads: While planting or weeding throughout the season, you need to sit on your knees. Since there are lots of stones & debris on the ground, it can be really a painful job for you. Garden knee pads are made of soft dense foam that wraps around your knees & it makes you feel comfortable while working with small plants & weeds.

Having these gardening tools will make your gardening project much easier.  But you need to keep your gardening tools in such a way so that it is easy to find in need. So, a garden shed is a perfect solution to keep garden tools organized & secure from kids & pets. You can get it online or if you are a DIYer, build your own. And if you are looking for all the essential garden tools in 1 place in Bangladesh, visit now at They have the best collection of garden tools at the best price. However, we hope with the right collection of garden tools, you can make the garden of your dream.

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