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100ml Fevicol Synthetic Rubber Adhesive SR998 For Leather Rexine Heat & Water Resistant

৳ 79.00
Features: Free from Benzene- Non-hazardous to health. Excellent spread-ability High coverage specially on flooring-90 sq ft per litre depending upon

Henkel Loctite 290 medium strength Thread-locking fluid Adhesive

৳ 800.00
Features Thread-locking adhesive. High strength. The locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. Product cures when confined in the absence of

Henkel Loctite 620 High Temperature Retaining Compound Adhesive Glue

৳ 1,350.00
Features: High temperature resistance up to 200°C. High strength. Retaining Compound. Product cures when confined in the absence of air

Loctite 574 Multi Gasket Flange Sealant Retainer Super Glue Adhesive

৳ 1,350.00
Features: Gasket Product Cures in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces It provides resistance to low pressures immediately

LOCTITE LB 8008 C5-A Copper Based Anti-Seize Lubricant – 453.6 Gram (1 lb) Brush-Top Can

৳ 2,500.00
Features: LOCTITE C5-A Copper Based Anti-Seize provides a shield against high temperature seizing and galling. All mated parts, studs, bolts,