100FT Retractable Expandable Flexible Magic Hose Pipe For Water Watering Garden Hose With Valve+ Spray


৳ 993.00


Magic Hose Pipe For Watering Your Garden

  • Quickly expands to 3 times its original size when water is turned on
  • Fully retracts to the original length when water is off
  • Lightweight, portable size, convenient to carry, use and store
  • Equipped with spray nozzle made of high-quality  plastic

Size: 100FT

Application of Magic Hose Pipe For Watering Your Garden:

  • Covered with polyester fabric to protect the inner tube
  • Lightweight handle of the spray nozzle, comfortable to use
  • 7 adjustable modes, including flat, center, cone, full, mist, jet, shower
  • Multi uses for daily life: gardening, car washing, house cleaning
  • Not easy to tangle, twist or kink
  • Made of high-quality material for long-term use
  • Not suitable for drinking water