103PCS Professional HAND Tools Set With Aluminium Case Harden Brand

SKU: ATB-915

৳ 9,755.00



Harden Brand. lltoolsbd has the largest collection of Harden Brand Tools including tire pressure, ball peen hammer, reversible ratchet, pin punch set, etc.


103PCS Aluminuim Tool kit set:

*1Pc  Flat Screwdriver 6x150mm
*1Pc Philips Screwdriver ph2x150mm
*1Pc Stainless Steel Scissor
*1Pc Soldering Wire
*1Pc 2 in 1 Test Pencil
*1Pc Ratchet Screwdriver
*22Pcs Bits
*1Pc Water Tape
*1Pc Flat type Precision Screwdriver
*1Pc Philips Precision Screwdriver
*1Pc Torx Precision Screwdriver
*1Pc Hex Precision Screwdriver
*1Pc  Soldering Iron 30W
*1Pc Electric Insulation  Tape
*1Pc Measuring Tape 3m
*1Pc Wide Tweezers
*1Pc Pointed Tweezers
*7Pcs Hex Key Wrench Sets
*9Pcs Medium Hex Key Wrench Set.
*1Pc Electricity Knife
*1Pc Torch Light
*82Pcs Spares Box
*1Pc Combination Plier 8″
*1Pc Long Nose Plier 6″
*1Pc Water Pump Plier 10″
*1PC PRO Adjustable Wrench 8″
*1Pc Claw Hammer with F/G Handle 16oz
*1PC Plastic Knife Metal Holder 18mm
*10pcs Knife Blades 18mm
*1Pc Magnet Pickup
*1 Aluminium Case.