1Kg Specialised Adhesive Fevicol Probond Brand For pasting PVC Sheets Acrylic Sheets and primer coated edge banding tapes

SKU: ATB-660090

৳ 640.00



Fevicol Brand. Alltoolsbd has the largest collection of fevicol brand products including leather rexine heat, adhesive fevicol heatx, waterproof fevicol etc.


Areas of Application:

  1. Plywood to PVC sheets/ rolls
  2. Plywood to Acrylic sheets
  3. PVC edge Banding
  4. Ply board to Charcoal sheets


Size: 1Kg


Key Application Steps:
The basic steps are similar to standard Fevicol applications.

Apply masking tape on the edges and keep the bonded substrates

Under pressure for 2-3 hrs before starting cutting/ finishing work.



Apply glue on one edge surface of the Plywood ,Particle Board

And spread the glue uniformly on the edge with the help of spreader , knife ,spatula

Join PVC and apply pressure uniformly to ensure excess glue oozing out from the joint portion.

Remove softly and carefully using cloth, cotton.