22pcs Repairing Tools Set Harden Brand 510222

SKU: ATB-1107

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Harden Brand. lltoolsbd has the largest collection of Harden Brand Tools including tire pressure, ball peen hammer, reversible ratchet, pin punch set, etc.


*1Pc Stainless Steel Multi-purpose Scissors:200mm
*7Pcs Hex Key Wrench:1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6mm
*2Pcs 2 In 1 Screwdriver:PH2/6mm*100mm
*1Pc Test Pencil:145mm
*4Pcs Precision Screwdriver:(Slotted)3mm,(Philips)PH0,(Torx)T8, FOR IPHONE:T3mm
*1Pc Working Accesories Box
*1Pc Adjustable Wrench:200mm
*1Pc Combination Plier:175mm
*1Pc Measuring Tape:3m*19mm
*1Pc Knife:18mm
*1Pc Claw Hammer:8OZ
*1Pc PVC Insulating Tape:10m