39Pcs Tools Kit Set Harden Brand

SKU: ATB-914

৳ 3,680.00



Harden Brand. lltoolsbd has the largest collection of Harden Brand Tools including tire pressure, ball peen hammer, reversible ratchet, pin punch set, etc.



4 Pcs Precision Screwdriver*Forged from chrome vanadium.
*Widely used in mining, metallurgy, shipbuilding, electric power and automobile industry,etc.

Including the following products:

* 1Pc Mini Saw Bow: 6″
* 6Pcs Saw Blade: 6″
* 1Pc Electrical Tape: 10m
* 1Pc Raw Material Tape
* 1Pc Utility Knife: 18mm
* 1Pc Art Blade.
* 1Pc Screwdriver: 5*100
* 1Pc Long nose pliers: 6″
* 1Pc Ordinary digital test pencil
* 1Pc tape measure: 3mX16mm
* 1Pc Plastic adjustable wrench: 8″
* 1Pc Parts box
* 1Pc Screwdriver: P1*100
* 9Pcs 9-piece sleeve 5-13
* 1Pc Small square handle
* 2Pcs 2-piece clock and screwdriver
* 1Pc Wire cutter: 6″
* 7Pcs 7-piece Hexagon: 1.5;2;2.5;3;4;5;6;
* 1Pc Two-color plastic handle claw hammer: 8OZ/0.25KG
* 1Pc PTFE Tape.