400ml Asphalt & Sticker Remover Bosny Brand

৳ 575.00



Bosny Brand. Alltoolsbd has the largest collection of Bosny Brand spray paints including chrome color, copper color, blue color, orange color, honda red color etc.


Used for cleaning asphalt stains, oil stains, stains on engines, pen marks, crayons, and adhesive residues caused by the removal of tapes or stickers.

Can be used on metals, cars, motorcycles, mowers, office supplies, appliances, glass and windows, most plastics and etc.

Not suitable for plastics such as polystyrene and poly carbonate.

Comes with a free plastic scrapper

Removes Road tar or Road Asphalt

Spray, Scrape and Wipe Easy clean – just spray & wipe

Removes tough adhesive residues such as tar wax, grease, bug and etc.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

Removes most hard to remove stains like Asphalt, Sticker, Furniture Stains, Plastic Window Stain

Size: 400cc