550W 3000rpm Electric Impact Drill Machine with 75pcs Accessories Harden Brand 510875

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Harden Brand. lltoolsbd has the largest collection of Harden Brand Tools including tire pressure, ball peen hammer, reversible ratchet, pin punch set, etc.


550W Electric Impact Drill Machine with 75pcs Accessories – alltoolsbd

75pcs Multi-functional Impact Drill Set

*1Pc Mini Hacksaw:300mm *1Pc Test Pencil:145mm
*2Pcs Screwdriver:(Slotted)6X100mm,(Philips)PH2X100mm
*1Pc Bit Holder:6X100mm
*4Pcs HSS Drill:4,5,6,8mm
*4Pcs Masonry Drill:5,6,8,10mm
*4Pcs Wood Drill:4,5,6,8mm
*1Pc Knife:18mm
*10Pcs Knife Blade:18mm
*4Pcs 1/4″ Dr.Sockets:8,9,10,11mm
*1Pc 1/4″ Bit Adaptor
*1Pc 1/4″ Dr.Bit Holder:61mm
*1Pc Torpedo Level:210mm
*1Pc Working Accesories Box
*1Pc Adjustable Wrench:200mm
*1Pc Digital Multimeter
*22Pcs Bits Set
*1Pc Combination Plier:175mm
*1Pc Water Pump Plier:250mm
*1Pc Claw Hammer:8OZ
*1Pc Measuring Tape:3m*19mm
*1Pc PVC Insulating Tape:10m
*7Pcs Hex Key:1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6mm
*1Pc Impact Drill:230V/550W 0-3000rpm
*1Pc Impact Drill Handle
*1Pc Impact Drill Key
*1pc Blow Case