800 ml All Purpose Paint Remover Bosny Brand

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Bosny Brand. Alltoolsbd has the largest collection of Bosny Brand spray paints including chrome color, copper color, blue color, orange color, honda red color etc.


Universal Bosny Paint Remover is a gel designed to remove all possible types of paint from surfaces quickly and efficiently.


  • Oil-based paints
  • synthetic enamels,
  • lacquers,
  • including cellulose,
  • stoving enamels,
  • paints and other coatings,
  • domestic and industrial purposes.
  • Forms a uniform layer of uniform thickness
  • You can quickly and accurately dispense material consumption .
  • Excluded from entering the random splashes on the surface of the neighboring areas .
  • Does not require prior mixing .
Application Technology:
Apply Bosny Paint Remover  the surface with a brush.
Paint “rises” in a few minutes.
Rate of penetration into paint remover depends on the type of paint.
Longer wait time for durable and laminated coatings.
Paint surface may be rinsed with water and ready to be re-staining.
When using paint remover you should adhere to the following rules:
– Open a can of stripper very carefully to avoid splashing on the skin, especially in the eyes. Bank not shake!
– If trapped on skin – wash immediately with plenty of water.
– In domestic work  ensure good ventilation

Size: 800 ml