Cable Type Floating Switch Liquid Fluid Water Level Controller Sensor Widely Used in Pools, Barrels(2M Cable)

৳ 563.00


  • This product is applicable to control pump work, adjust liquid level, and can also be installed on submersible pump to control motor
  • Made of high quality polypropylene which guarantees a long service life
  • Float switch is designed by using the principle of gravity and buoyancy, with simple and reasonable structure
  • It is adjustable automatically, easy to operate, easy to install, safe, reliable, avirulent and environment friendly
  • Widely used in pools, barrels, troughs and other containers of water, oil, acid and alkali in households, factories and mines


Cable Length: 2M

Microswitch: 16(8)A250V

Protection: Waterproof

Max Temperature: 70*C

Working Pressure: max 1 bar

Circuit Breaking Capacity: Directly 1kw with 250V