Epoxy Resin and Hardener Araldite Brand Yellowish Color

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Araldite Brand. With ARALDITE adhesive, you can fix pretty much anything and you can fix it fast. It bonds everything from metal, wood and masonry, to ceramics, glass and most plastics. It's water resistant too so works indoors or out.


Epoxy Resin and Hardener Araldite Brand Yellowish Color

Araldite joints are water proof, heat proof, stress proof,

And resistant to most chemicals. Non-corrosive and non-toxic.

Size:  ( Resin 1kg + Hardener 800g ) 1.8kg


ARALDITE Standard bonds anything to anything

Like metals, ceramic, marble, granite, most plastic/PVC, ivory, asbestos, glass, wood, leather rubber etc.

Not suitable for plastics like  silicon rubber.


How to Apply:

Clean both the surfaces to be bonded.

Take equal quantities(by volume) of resin and hardener of Adralite Standard.

Mix the resin and hardner until it forms a uniform colour.

Apply a thin coat of the mixture on both the surfaces.

Join the surfaces and apply pressure using tape, clamps or band.

Remove the pressure after 6 -8 hours.

Full strength is achieved in 24 hours


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